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Let's create togetherness, New Earth family values, and common unity, surrounded by unique but simple luxuries for all of us to enjoy.

For more than 25 years, Lazy Parrot’s mission has been to surround you with gorgeous natural grounds and friendly staff at your sincere service.


Our intention is to provide you with a relaxing, charming, restorative experience,

so you can go back to being you again.


We do things with a heart around here.​ Our guests, living in harmony with the land and the Rincón community are the reason for our existence. Our philosophy of embracing the simple luxuries in life continues to embrace the fundamentals of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that our guests stay here once and leave as forever friends.


Ecotourism + Conservation

Harmony. Sustainability. Comfort.

Welcome to our core values. To us, green is our passion! We invite you to stay with us and feel at one with yourself in nature while also feeling good about the mindfulness that has been poured into this magical space. Under new ownership since 2017,  this treasured Rincón lodging has incorporated green living systems and practices into all areas of our business as we mindfully co-exist with the nature that surrounds us.

    • Our green living practices include:

    • Well water system

    • Saline water pool and jacuzzi

    • Recycling and composting

    • Eco-friendly detergents

    • For every night you stay with us, a tree will get planted by the One Tree Planted Association!

    • Onsite organic farm

    • Farm to Table restaurant

    • Solar panels