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Our Story

Come as guests, leave as friends

Lazy Parrot Inn, founded in 1989 by surf-loving Steve and Francia Lantz, began as a three-bedroom guest house. Their motto, "Come as Guests, Leave as Friends," made it a cozy hub for surfers worldwide. Over time, it evolved into a 7-room hotel, with a pool area and terrace rooms added from 2005-2007.

In 2013, Srinivas Katragadda and Puerto Rican-native Nanette Burgos, once guests themselves, became the new owners. Their dream of a sustainable finca in Puerto Rico led them here. Today, this eco-friendly boutique hotel invites you to experience the green embrace of Rincon's mountains as both guest and friend, carrying forward the legacy of warmth and hospitality.

Providing relaxing, charming, restorative experiences to our community

We ensure our guests are living in harmony with the land and the Rincón community is the reason for our existence. Our philosophy of embracing the simple luxuries in life continues to embrace the fundamentals of caring for the earth.

Co-existing with the land

Ecotourism + Conservation

Since 2017 Lazy Parrot Inn's goal has been to honor our ancestral land.


We have incorporated green living systems and practices into all areas of our business, mindfully co-existing with the  nature that surrounds us, which includes: a well water system, a saline water pool and jacuzzi, recycling and composting, eco-friendly detergents, onsite organic farm, and solar panels. 


As part of our goal and our continuous work, we also offer Corazón del Monte (Heart of the Mountain), our in-house farm where we harvest all of our ingredients; mainly to be used at our restaurant El Nido and soon to be incorporated on future projects! 


We do things with heart

We pride ourselves on the fact that our guests stay here once and leave as forever friends. We invite you to stay with us and feel at one with yourself in nature while also feeling good about the beauty and magic that has been poured into this little corner of our beautiful island.

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