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Our Story

The Lazy Parrot Inn was founded in 1989 by Steve and Francia Lantz. Their love of surfing brought them to Rincón. 

The hotel started as a three-bedroom guest house where they lived in one of the rooms and rented out the other two. Their motto was always: “Come as Guests, Leave as Friends” and it was a cozy place where surfers from all around the world would stay, go surfing during the day, and in the evenings enjoy Lantz’s barbeque gatherings.

The original building featured a small living room/ common area for guests to watch tv and get to know other guests. Little by little, Steve and Francia expanded the guest house to 5 rooms and later to 7 rooms. In time, they changed the guest room concept and turned the property into a small hotel, while keeping with their motto of ” Come as Guests, Leave as Friends”.

Between 2005 and 2007, the pool area and terrace rooms were added to the little hotel, until their oldest daughter moved to college, and they decided to move to Ohio and put the property for sale. 

Six years later the Lazy Parrot was purchased by Srinivas Katragadda and Puerto Rican-born and raised Nanette Burgos. The couple were guests at the hotel many years back and were searching for a property on the island where they could fulfill their dream to have a sustainable finca. 

Today they remain as owners and that little guest house has transformed itself into an eco-friendly fully sustainable boutique hotel that welcomes you as both a guest and a friend, and invites you to nest in the greenery that this beautiful little piece of good earth offers.

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